Top Eleven – Tips, Tricks and Free Tokens For Your Football Team

Top Eleven is one of the most popular apps on the Google Play Store. In the free app you have to bring your team, like Mourinho and Co., to the European top through tactical skills and transfer. In order to get to the top, the question arises of Top Eleven cheats or tips and tricks.Top Eleven is available free of charge on the Google Play Store and App Store. With which strategy your Top Eleven team will bring you success, you will find here.

With top eleven tips on the championship

Your task in Top Eleven is to provide your team for the upcoming game, as well as, as with a classic football manager, make sure you get transfers to new talents and superstars. You can beat your next opponent in Top Eleven if you choose the right tactics. As in real manager life, however, your everyday life is made more difficult by injured players. The right training is also to be taken care of. So that you have enough finance for the salaries of your top stars, you have to take care of the stadium expansion or make clever transfers.

Especially at the beginning of the game one searches for Top Eleven tips, in order to be able to quickly buy a powerful force. If you have chosen your team, you should go to the “Finance” menu in the first step and give the TV rights to top the first Top Eleven Token and money into the cash register. You should not forget the sponsorship negotiations at the beginning. If you cancel the contract with Nordeus, you get a Top Eleven Token every day, regardless of whether you log in, or not. The second contract will also bring you a free token for Top Eleven, but only if you log in daily. In contrast to the first contract, you get a Top Eleven Token for free, once you have started the game for four days at a time. After 10 days you should extend the sponsorship contract to continue to get free token in Top Eleven.


Top Eleven Tips: Get your free token

Top Eleven free Token is also available by adding Facebook friends to your game. Here, you can not just adden any friend to get money at Top Eleven. The new friend has to use the game regularly and perform certain tasks, as well as to convince his team to be successful.Check out the Top Eleven Facebook page. Here you will find regular actions, in which you can get free Top Eleven Token.

Top Eleven Tips for Building

As soon as you sign your contract with the Top Eleven team, 500,000 credits are invested in the youth center. Although this issue hurts initially, but for a long-term game course, you create the best foundation. The construction of the youth center takes three days. Also for the training center you should put 10,000 Top Eleven money on the table. For the next planning it is particularly worth the expansion of the medical department, in case your superstar gets injured from a game. The maximum duration of six days’ injuries can be shortened by a medical department thanks to the medical case. Every 4 days you get a new medicine case.

Top Eleven Training Tips

Tokens do not score goals, so you have to get your team in order. In the Top Eleven Training menu you can keep your elves happy. At the beginning you have 20 training points. In the beginning, she invests in all training units. This leaves enough time to regenerate for the next game.

In the further course you have to keep in mind the fitness of your Top Elf. 3% freshness points are added every three hours. Within 24 hours you can build a maximum of 40% fitness. So that your top players do not hurt, you should not get under a fitness value of 20%.

Also make a single training session for your players. For this you have to select the appropriate player directly and use training points. Keep your top eleven training points in mind so that all team members are trained well. If you put enough points and troubles into a player, this is equipped with a special ability. Each player can only have a maximum of one special power.

Top Eleven: Trick for morality

Only the best tactics will leave you as the winner. At the beginning of the game, choose your position so that all players on the pitch have at least three stars. Through training you can improve the quality of the players continuously. Also, of course, each player should play in his trusted position to get the best performance. If a kicker also regularly plays on a position that is not his, his morale and thus his performance decreases. You can increase the morale again by means of a morality case. With the Top Eleven Trick, to use two morality cases directly behind each other, the offended player immediately gets the level “Perfect” regardless of how bad his morale was before. A well-behaved kicker still plays better than a stink boot.

In the longer game, you should refresh your squad regularly. Old players are vulnerable to injury and are no longer developing in strength.

top eleven free tokens

Are there Top Eleven cheats?

To speed up your success, you can share the comments in the comments to get new Top Eleven friends. In addition, you can provide further tips here.

You should beware of the top eleven hack that are circulating in the net. The game is available for free on the Google Play Store and is refinanced through In App purchases. Top Eleven cheats are not intended by the developers. If you use a bug using Top Eleven Hack, your account is blocked. Top Eleven Token Generators & Others Are often only phishing traps where you have to enter your Facebook data and give them into the hands of cyber-gangsters without ever seeing a top eleven token or to be filled with surveys and landed in a subscription trap.