Top Eleven Tips, Tricks and Cheats for Android and iOS


In this article you will find numerous tips, tricks and cheat codes for the Top Eleven app, which is free to download for Android and iOS. You always wanted to start your own club and make it the best football club in the world?

With the football manager Top Eleven you now have the chance to prove yourself and lead your team to glory and honor and to bring the trophy. In this article you will find numerous general Top Eleven tips. In our second article of our Top Eleven Guides, the tactics and strategy continue.

Top Eleven is available for both Google Android and Apple iOS, giving you millions of teams as an opponent to compete with. With these tips and tricks, we will show you how to get faster in Top Eleven as your friends and to enjoy playing. Finally we say something about Top Eleven cheats.

As in any app, there are also some tips and tricks in the Top Eleven football manager to help you get more money and win your team away. With the following tricks, we want to help you a little, so that you have fun to play in the beginning and, later, your friends envy your club. Here is a brief overview of our tips and tricks for Top Eleven:

Tip 1: Choose the right sponsor in Top Eleven

At the beginning of the game you should set your sponsors as well as the TV broadcast right, so you are paid right from the start money and token. However, there are some things to consider in the football manager Top Eleven. In the “Finance” menu window, your donors are listed as TV rights and sponers.

In the next window “TV rights” you have to select one of 2 contracts. The first “Nordeus” contract offers you a token every day, regardless of whether you log in or not. The second contract comes from the company “Speed”. This does not offer you a fixed income token, but you get a token for each logged in tag.

You will also receive a bonus token in Top Eleven, which you can log in 4 days in a row. So be careful, you can log in every day, then better contract 2. If you play Top Eleven only once in a while, then take contract 1 and enjoy the safe token. Remember to renew your contract after 10 days.

Tip 2: Keep track of training

To keep your team in top eleven in shape, you have to train them. To do this, select the “Training” menu item. You will immediately see your training points – at the beginning it is 20. First, you should go to the training sessions and your team will offer every training which is available. As a result, your team will soon be exhausted, as the first game will only take place “tomorrow” and after 10 hours of recovery, the players should rather train.

Then you have to look at how much time is left for the next game so your players can recover. Because every 3 hours they get 5% fitness. So in 24 hours they are added to each of them 40% (24h / 3h * 5%) of fitness. In order to survive a football match without injury, you should not be under 20% fitness at the end of a game. Per game consume the players by 20% fitness on average. After a short game time, you’ll find a sense of how much you can train and when you should let your players rest.

Tip 3: Individual training is worthwhile

Of course you have the opportunity to train only single players and improve their abilities. To do this, you only have to click on the player to be trained and miss training sessions. Remember, however, that you can assign only a certain number of training points to each player. Strikers should therefore be trained better in the attack and defensive players should improve themselves in the defense. With enough points you can even teach new skills like penalty killer or 1-vs-1. However, each player in Top Eleven may only have a special risk.
Tip 4: Expand stadium and surroundings correctly in Top Eleven

Not only your players are important, no your stadium and the environment you have to keep strictly in top eleven. In the “Stadium” menu you should immediately expand the youth center for 500k money, so that your players can train sensibly. However, this measure also takes 3 days to build.

In order to improve your players even further, you should develop training for 10k – so your players have better training conditions. Please note again that only one construction can be carried out at the same time. Also, this can not be undone again in Top Eleven. After that you should quickly expand your medical department, because an injured player can be missing you up to 6 days and to reduce the convalescence by one day, 5 medicine cases are needed. You will get an extra medicine kit for the healing of your team every 4 days.

Top Eleven Tip 5: Choose the best team set-up

Obviously, only the best of your players should be in the core team. At the beginning you should try in Top Eleven, that no player under 3 stars quality in the Stammteam is. In the course of the game you should try to increase this quality as well as reduce the average age of your players, as most of them develop faster, fitter and better than older ones.

Of course, the perfect set-up is not available. However, 3-1-2-1-3 is a relatively secure line-up, as it includes both 3 strikers and 3 defensemen, making the Storm and Defensive in Top Eleven well balanced. Keep in mind, however, that your players are also playing on their favorite game.

Player Transfer Top Eleven Tips & Tricks

In order to successfully set up your team for the season and in the distant future, you must invest your hard earned money in new players. But you should keep this in mind, because money is precious and for every command a token is lost. This means that you only have to offer a player in the last 10 seconds, so you do not have to spend more than one token per player transfer.

Furthermore you should inform yourself exactly about the new player you want to buy. Top Eleven Football Manager has a “vs” (versus) feature that allows you to compare players. Use these to compare the values and see if the transfer really worth it.

Holding a player in a soccer manager
Players who are not deployed or play in a wrong position will be annoyed and their morale will be reduced. This in turn has the effect that the players do not interact as they actually could. Here, however, there is a trick to increase the morale cost-effectively for each player.Normally, a morality suitcase adds one level (Very Bad – Bad – Good – Very Good – Perfect), but if you put 2 cases at the same time on one player, the display immediately jumps to “Perfect” and your player is back in the best mood and Plays great football.
More tips and tricks
If you have any further tips and tricks for Top Eleven, please let us know below in the comments. We will update these tips to Top Eleven steadily. It is said that these are valid for both Android and iOS, since the game app is identical on both platforms.
Top Eleven Cheats
In the online football manager Top Eleven there are no cheats, because by in-app purchases you have anyway the possibility with real money to give you an advantage against your friends and opponents. Please respect this and support the developers with your payments. Correspondingly, we can not offer any cheats, but you can find top eleven hack apk on our homepage!
 That’s what the game app is all about
 The free Top Eleven Football Manager app is a classic football manager. This means that you must not only lead your team to success, but also have to control everything else that belongs to the club. So you’ll be in the role of Ulli Hoeneß from Bayern Munich and train your team like top coach José Mourinho.

As a coach, you must hire your team in Top Eleven for the next game, commit new players, and pay attention to your tactics to be better than your opponent’s team. Train your players, provide injuries, update your lineup and encourage your star in the team. However, in order to buy new players, you also have to be a good manager. Build your stadium in time, sell talents or invest in the future. All these decisions are available to you at the Soccer Manager Top Eleven from today.