Top Eleven Football Manager: The 5 Best Tips

Top Eleven is a real-time football manager for your browser.With the following tips and tricks you can also be successful without expensive in-app purchases.

Top Eleven tip 1: Token contract

Tokens have a central function at Top Eleven: you need to buy new players, buy jerseys for your club, or speed up processes (such as stadium expansion). During the game, you can conclude Token contracts. Select the best contract for you. Depending on the league you can choose between the following contracts:

Nordeus contract: You receive a token every day, regardless of whether you are playing Top Eleven or winning your team.
Speed contract: You receive a token every day, regardless of whether your team wins. If you are online for four consecutive days, you will receive a bonus toke.
Topkers contract: You receive a token for each victory of your team.
Topofone contract: You will receive 21 Tokes immediately. The following days however no more.


Top Eleven Tip 2: Earn Tokens

In Top Eleven, click your Token account. This will open a page where you will see tasks for which you will be rewarded with free top eleven tokens. There are both paid (for example something in several onlineshops order), as well as free (for example, watching videos) tasks.


Top Eleven tip 3: Removing the stadium

From time to time, invest some (virtual) money into your association to expand different areas. Particularly recommended are:

The stadium: By expanding the stadium, you also get more space for new spectators. This will give you more ticketing income that you can invest in new players.
The Youth Department: To win new players at an auction, you often have to put a lot of tokens. However, in order to get good players for a little less Tokes, you can expand the Youth Department. From time to time, your club creates young talents, which you can commit so favorably.
The club shop: Here you can increase the income at home games. The revenue for promotional items will, of course, migrate to your club club and can be used for further expansion.


Top Eleven tip 4: Assign training points manually

If you train your players your players will receive training points. These can be assigned automatically. However, it is recommended to assign the points yourself. Pay attention to the position of the player and his tasks. It is not recommended to assign training points to a defensive player (which, however, happens with automatic assignment).

top-eleven-training-pointsTop Eleven Tip 5: Play live games

If you have the opportunity, watch your Top Eleven games live. You should also make at least one substitution. As a reward you receive a “moral” and a “condition package”. These can be awarded to players after the final whistle, thus improving their performance.